Tariff Reductions

Mr. Speaker, I applaud economic action plan 2013 and its sharp focus on keeping Canada’s economy strong while also delivering key measures that support Canadian families.

In order to lower prices for Canadian families, the budget will eliminate all tariffs on baby clothing. My son Jack turns 21 months old today and is going through clothes like wildfire. Parents of infants will notice this change.

Tariff reductions will also keep prices low on ice skates, hockey equipment, skis and other equipment to promote physical fitness. This will not only leave money in the pockets of Canadians but it will also lower the price gap between the U.S. and Canada, something we monitor closely.

On Saturday morning, I know that moms and dads in the Garnet Rickard arena in Bowmanville and on the slopes of Brimacombe ski resort in Durham will be talking about this family-friendly budget.

Here is what Dean LaPierre of the Windsor Minor Hockey Association had to say:

This is awesome. This will definitely help because the cost of equipment is the main thing people cite when deciding to register. … It could cost $600 to $700 to equip one player, double if the kid’s is a goalie…so this is a great.

Indeed it is great. I hope the NDP supports families and this budget.

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