Situation in Syria

Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleague on the opposite side for her passion, and evidently her knowledge of the subject.

I would refer to my remarks where I highlighted not only Canada’s unilateral effort, which is direct country to country, but our efforts multilaterally, through the United Nations and through work with our allies in NATO and around the world.

Importantly, she referenced the Security Council. The Security Council, which can authorize UN-sanctioned force in certain circumstances, has clearly already articulated that will not happen. There are two permanent members of that Security Council that will not allow the council to pursue a UN-sanctioned military effort.

This is an area where the UN is one important part of Canada’s diplomatic statecraft in this effort, alongside unilateral relations and alongside direct visits by the minister to the region. There is a whole plethora of things that Canada is doing to apply pressure. The UN is one important part of that.

I would suggest to the hon. member that even a seat at the Security Council these days would not change what is coming from that.

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