O’Toole Makes Pitch for Clarington At House of Commons Committee

NEWS: Ottawa –Today, Durham MP Erin O’Toole appeared before a House of Commons Committee to make his case for keeping the community of Clarington whole within the new federal riding that will be created ahead of the next general election.  O’Toole appeared alongside several Ontario MPs to present a comprehensive proposal for five adjacent ridings.

Several months ago, the independent Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario released their report detailing proposed changes to the Durham riding. Under this proposal, the communities in the eastern area of Clarington (Newcastle, Orono, Newtonville) would be taken from the Durham riding and included in a new riding to the east called Northumberland Pine Ridge.

Mr. O’Toole worked closely with Clarington council and neighbouring Members of Parliament to come up with a proposal that would allow Clarington to remain whole, while not negatively impacting adjacent ridings and the communities found within each riding.

The united proposal from five Members of Parliament and the detailed presentation provided to the House of Commons Committee by Mr. O’Toole led to positive feedback after the hearing.  O’Toole’s proposal would see a small part of North Oshawa, including the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, taken out of the proposed Oshawa-Durham riding and included in a single Oshawa riding.  This change would allow for the entire municipality of Clarington to be included in a single riding, which was the central proposal made by O’Toole at the hearing. He also recommended that the proposed riding of Oshawa-Durham be renamed Durham to respect the communities making up the riding and the history of the riding name.

Following its hearings on proposed Ontario riding changes, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure will deliberate and make recommendations to the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission.  The Commission remains independent and is not bound to accept the recommendations from the Commons committee, but will consider the recommendations as part of its final examination of the ridings.  A final determination for Ontario ridings is expected later this fall.


“Residents told me loud and clear that their main goal was keep their community together. My proposal does that. It makes a few modest changes which, if accepted, will ensure that the historic communities of Newcastle, Orono and Newtonville remain in a single riding along with the rest of Clarington.”

Erin O’Toole, MP – Durham

“I want to complement you on coming well prepared, speaking to your colleagues ahead of time and putting together a comprehensive proposal. Thank you very much.”

Joe Preston, MP – Chair, Standing Committee on Procedures and House Affairs.


Under Mr. O’Toole’s proposal:

  • The proposed riding of OSHAWA-DURHAM would be renamed DURHAM.
  • The communities of Orono, Newcastle and Newtonville would be rejoined with Clarington.
  • North Oshawa, including the area around the University of Ontario Institute of Technology campus would be included in the Oshawa riding.
  • The population of  MP O’Toole’s proposed riding is approximately 123,500, which is within the allowable population limit.


For additional information or comment from MP O’Toole, please contact: 
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