Combating Counterfeit Products Act

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank the member for LaSalle—Émard for her questions and for carefully listening to my remarks tonight.

She asked a few things, and I would be happy to address the first one quickly. The debate has been had, in fact, in many ways. She mildly heckled when I said 2006 or 2007 was some time ago, but industry has been asking for these intellectual property updates for that long a time. Our government has consulted broadly. We followed a balanced approach that addresses border issues and the intellectual property rights regime, and we have acted.

Her question about Procter & Gamble is interesting. All of these things are estimated, because counterfeiting really is like an iceberg. We will only see one-quarter of that iceberg above the water, and the rest is below. Estimates were made by the amount of counterfeit goods seized and an approximation that we are not going to catch everything.

I am saying this is a balanced start because now that we are providing powers and criminalizing some of this conduct, law enforcement will have to, over time, improve its own investigative techniques. Border officials will have to improve their investigative techniques to try to stay ahead of the counterfeiters.

Inaction, though, is going to hurt employers, so we need to act.

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