House of Commons Committee Endorses O’Toole’s Riding Proposal

NEWS: Ottawa –The House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedures and House Affairs has released their widely anticipated report on the proposed changes to federal electoral ridings in Ontario. The Procedure and House Affairs Committee is an all-party committee that reviewed the proposed riding changes in all provinces.  The Committee has fully endorsed the changes proposed by MP Erin O’Toole for the Durham riding and has recommended that the Federal Electoral Boundary Commission and Chief Electoral Officer incorporate the proposed changes.

Several months ago, the independent Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario released their report detailing proposed changes to the Durham riding. Mr. O’Toole worked closely with, residents, Clarington Council and neighbouring Members of Parliament to come up with a proposal that would allow Clarington to remain whole, while not negatively impacting adjacent ridings and the communities found within each riding. Mr. O’Toole’s proposal would see a small part of North Oshawa, including the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, taken out of the proposed Oshawa-Durham riding and included in a single Oshawa riding.  This change would allow for the entire municipality of Clarington to be included in a single riding. He also recommended that the proposed riding of Oshawa-Durham be renamed Durham to respect the communities making up the riding and the history of the riding name. Mr. O’Toole submitted a written proposal to the Committee in March and made a formal presentation in May.

In their report, the Committee complimented Mr. O’Toole for his concise arguments and professional presentation complete with maps and current population figures to support his proposal for the Durham riding. The Ontario Electoral Boundaries Commission remains an independent body and will review the Committees report and recommendations before making a final determination later this Fall.


“I am very pleased that the Committee has endorsed my proposal to keep the communities of Newcastle, Orono and Newtonville together in a united Clarington. Residents were clear that they wanted to keep their community together. I ask the Commission to respect the recommendation of the Committee and the wishes of the people of Durham.”

– Erin O’Toole, MP – Durham

“The Committee would like to compliment Mr. O’Toole’s appearance before the Committee. His PowerPoint presentation, which included maps, stated concisely and explained clearly his and the proposal of all Members in the region…The Committee supports the proposals made by Mr. O’Toole…and recommends that the electoral boundaries be readjusted accordingly.”

– Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs, Sixty-First Report, Pg. 34.


Under Mr. O’Toole’s proposal:

  • The proposed riding of OSHAWA-DURHAM would be renamed DURHAM.
  • The communities of Orono, Newcastle and Newtonville would be rejoined with Clarington.
  • North Oshawa, including the area around the University of Ontario Institute of Technology campus would be included in the Oshawa riding.
  • The population of MP O’Toole’s proposed riding is approximately 123,500, which is within the allowable population limit.


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