MP O’Toole Tours Aerospace Facilities in Atlantic Canada

NEWS: Halifax, NS — On Tuesday, Erin O’Toole, the Member of Parliament for Durham, toured the facilities of two leading aerospace and defence companies that are engaged in cutting edge design and manufacturing for aerospace and defence projects in Canada.   The General Dynamics Canada Software & Acoustics Support Centre and the Lockheed Martin Maritime Advanced Training and Test Site (MATTS), both situated in Dartmouth, represent some of the investments and employment from Canadian defense procurement.  These facilities have opened in the last 7 years and employ 42 and 261 Nova Scotians respectively.  MP O’Toole shares the Harper government’s commitment to the Canadian aerospace and defence industry in Canada and the jobs created in Alantic Canada and all parts of the country.

The aerospace and defence industry in Canada supports more than 80,000 jobs across Canada and has achieved unparalleled productivity improvements in the past few years. Both Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics provide the Canadian Forces and our allies with a broad spectrum of products and services. The Harper government has worked collaboratively with the industry to invest heavily into research and development to stimulate innovation and adaptability at substantially reduced costs.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper understands the importance of the aerospace and defence industry to Canada.  The Harper government has already invested over $386 million into aerospace and defence research and development and has pledged close to $1 billion for aerospace and defence investments over five years through Economic Action Plan 2013. The government is also working hard towards negotiating free trade agreements which will allow the Canadian aerospace and defence sector to gain even greater access to international markets.

MP O’Toole served in the Canadian Forces for 12 years before embarking on a legal career leading up to his election in 2012.  For several years O’Toole flew with Sea King squadrons based at 12 Wing Shearwater, which is located near the two facilities he toured in Dartmouth. He is also a member of the Conservative Party Aerospace Caucus and remains an advocate on issues related to these industries as well as those relating to the Canadian Forces and our veterans.  


“The Aerospace and Defence industries are important parts of the Canadian economy and I was impressed to see the level of investment and innovation at these facilities in Nova Scotia.  I was also happy to see many veterans of the Canadian Forces working with these companies, who are clearly committed to a vibrant industry in Canada.” — Erin O’Toole, CD, Member of Parliament (Durham)

“I am pleased that our government has prioritized Canadian-based aerospace and defence companies for military procurement contracts through the industrial regional benefit program. This program creates jobs in Canada as a result of our military purchases, ensures that our troops get the equipment they need, and Canadian defence requirements are met.” — Erin O’Toole, CD, Member of Parliament (Durham)


  • The aerospace industry in Canada supports more than 80,000 jobs across Canada and contributes $12 billion annually to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product.
  • The industrial regional benefit program ensures that Canadian industry benefits from Canadian defence and security procurement by mandating that companies that win these contracts with the Government of Canada place business activities in Canada at the same value of the contract.
  • Lockheed Martin’s Dartmouth facility was awarded a contract to modernize Canada’s Halifax-class Frigates as part of the Harper government’s initiative to refit the Halifax-class frigates.
  • General Dynamics Canada is a subcontractor for Sikorsky – the manufacturer tasked with replacing the Sea King Helicopter fleet.

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