Business of Supply

Mr. Speaker, my friend and I joined the House in the same by-elections and it is a privilege to hear him opine on this issue.

I will make careful note that he is in firm agreement with the Globe and Mail editorial board, so I will look to it for further concurrence in the future.

My question is based on my long drive into Ottawa this morning on the tricky roads. I listened to the head of the Ontario teachers’ pension plan, Jim Leech, talk about pensions and CPP. In terms of CPP reform, he said that it should come in the next 10 years at some point.

The big thing we have to look at is the current economic climate. Can employers afford to do this on the immediate timeline the member is suggesting when there are still a lot of Canadians unemployed or underemployed? We want to ensure the jobs are there first.

I would ask the member to speak to the timing. Should this not be a consultative process of reform over the next few years?

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