Durham MP Erin O’Toole Announces Clarington as Receipt of one of Canada’s First RFCPP Grants – $100,848 awarded to Bowmanville Creek Fish Bypass Channel Project

Bowmanville, ON – Member of Parliament Erin O’Toole, on behalf of the Honourable Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, today announced that the Government has awarded $100,848 to the Bowmanville Creek Fish Bypass Project. This grant is one of the first from the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program and the joint application from Valleys 2000 and the Bowmanville Creek Anglers Association exemplifies what this new federal conversation program is all about.

Economic Action Plan 2013 included $10 million over two years to support fishery conservation activities through partnerships with local groups to implement a variety of projects that would support the restoration of fisheries habitat.

“Valleys 2000 have been the stewards of the Bowmanville Creek Valley for many years and the Bowmanville Creek Anglers Association brought our community to the national consciousness with their volunteer-led, fish ladder the past two summers” said MP O’Toole. “Their partnership and track record in Clarington make them a perfect illustration of what this federal program aims to achieve.”

The Bowmanville Creek Fish Bypass Channel Project has recently completed construction after several years of fundraising and planning.  Its primary objective is the restoration of fish habitat and migration pathways through the construction of a bypass channel around the Goodyear Dam on the Bowmanville Creek. The grant monies will also provide an enhancement of the local fishery and access to Bowmanville Creek for people of all ages and abilities through the enhancement of public trails and accessibility features for people with physical limitations.

Valleys 2000 is a charitable, community based organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of the Bowmanville and Soper Creek watersheds and the valley lands surrounding them. The Bowmanville Creek Anglers Association is a volunteer group formed in 1981 to restore the natural habitat and spawning roots for native fish species in the Bowmanville area and to promote stewardship, education and accessibility of the local fishing resource for local residents of all ages and abilities.

MP O’Toole also marked the exciting community milestone by honouring volunteers Harold Hammond and Dave Lawson with his Community Service Medallion. MP O’Toole’s Community Service Medallion was created to recognize outstanding community achievement. Both Mr. Hammond and Mr. Lawson have been relentless advocates for the fish bypass channel project. “Harold and Dave’s dedication to this project serves as not only a personal inspiration, but as a prime example of the tremendous volunteer spirit that lives in Durham.”

MP O’Toole has been personally involved in the Bowmanville Creek By-pass channel project before his election in 2012.  He co-chaired the River Runs Through Us gala dinner and online campaign, which raised over $100,000 towards the project.


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