An Act to amend the Access to Information Act (transparency and duty to document)

Mr. Speaker, I have to admit to the House that I listened with great interest, but a bit of shock at the irony of the hon. member’s speech. He mentioned the importance of bright lights and transparency; he mentioned noble principles; he even quoted famous jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes. However, the member had the opportunity, with respect to a defence fund that he was involved with, to provide that same level of transparency and disclosure in terms of the structure and governance of the fund and the compliance sought for the fund with Elections Canada and the Ethics Commissioner, including donations to that fund to become public for transparency.

I would ask the hon. member whether the spirit of his bill might lead to the transparency efforts on the hon. member’s behalf now on that fund, to allow those same bright lights and that spirit of transparency to shine down on that member’s defence fund.

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