Democratic Reform

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to speak for a few moments. I am not sure how to respond, because most of those were general statements.

It is clear that members of the opposition, both in the Liberal Party and the NDP, have not even done the basic level of research on the bill or on the Neufeld report. I saw, and Canadians saw, this at the procedure and House affairs committee.

I would suggest they read pages 23 to 27, where Neufeld said that this antiquated system needed modernization. He warned the government that we lived in a great parliamentary democracy, so there was a complacency with respect to the system. A lot of people will feel that we do not need to fix it, even when court decisions show it is profoundly broken. He warned us that there would be resistance.

What I find deeply troubling is that the NDP and the Liberals allowed this process to be part of their partisan efforts to work with activist groups against really fixing a system.

We now have a bill that is quite strong and will give us the modern system we need.

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