Royal Canadian Navy

Mr. Speaker, it is my pleasure to rise in the House today to wish the Royal Canadian Navy, in particular the submariners of our navy, a happy anniversary for 100 years of service to Canada.

Last week, I had the honour of representing our Minister of National Defence, in Halifax, for the opening of the new submarine maintenance facility, a $52-million investment by our government to maintain the Victoria class submarine.

It was named after Captain Bernard Leitch Johnson, a pioneer of submarine service here in Canada, and veteran of World Wars I and II. He won the Distinguished Service Order for saving his crew from a mine strike.

The bravery and service of our navy continues to today, and I have to note my classmate, Lieutenant Chris Saunders, who died in the service of Canada aboard HMCS Chicoutimi in 2004, off of Ireland.

The service and sacrifice of our submariners is appreciated and admired. I wish them a Dolphin code 38, and from a former Sea King navigator, a Dolphin code 25B. Submariners will know what that means.

They remain ready, aye, ready for Canada, and I thank them for their service.

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