BOWMANVILLE, ON – Today, Erin O’Toole, the Member of Parliament for Durham, hosted an open house at his constituency office to recognize some civic-minded constituents for their contributions to the community. O’Toole also unveiled the second in a series of local art exhibits by a talented local artist for display on the walls of O’Toole’s constituency office in the historic Balmoral Building in Bowmanville.

MP O’Toole presented Community Service Medallions to Carlton and Sheri Plummer for their exceptional efforts to build community spirit and patriotism in the Port of Newcastle. For several years, the Plummers have been led the organizing of a Canada Day street party and fireworks display for the large community at the Port of Newcastle. This year the celebrations also featured a salute and special presentations to Newcastle’s Olympic Gold Medallist Tara Watchorn. “Carlton and Sherri Plummer exemplify the type of community volunteers that make our community such a special place to live. The Port of Newcastle is one of Clarington’s newer communities, but its spirit and sense of inclusion has been fostered by the tireless efforts of the Plummers and their amazing Canada Day festivities”, stated MP O’Toole.

MP O’Toole also presented a Community Service Medallion to Kylie Laughlin for her charitable work in Clarington. Kylie, an 9-year old from Bowmanville started her LemonAid Stand three years ago and has raised $2300 for a variety of charitable causes through the sale of juice, snacks and crafts. This year she raised $1400 for the Hospital for Sick Children. “Kylie Laughlin serves as a great example to the young people of Clarington,” says MP O’Toole. “You are never too young to give back and never too young to inspire others through small acts of kindness.”

The Open House was also used to unveiled paintings by local artist Todd Tremeer in the second of a series of local art displays at O’Toole’s Durham Constituency Office. Mr. Tremeer studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design following his graduation from Bowmanville High School. He is well known for his series of historic murals painted throughout the historic downtown of Bowmanville. After opening his office in the historic Balmoral Building, O’Toole wanted to showcase local artists on the walls of the office and rotates collections a few times per year.


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