Canada-Korea Economic Growth and Prosperity Act

Mr. Speaker, we are now in the second day of a truly groundbreaking parliamentary session where the New Democrats, after 40 years, look like they will stand in the House and support a trade agreement.

The NDP trade critic yesterday outlined the three criteria, in a very cogent speech in the House, on which the NDP judged these trade agreements.The first was democracy and respect for democracy. The second was strategic direction. He was not too clear on that. The third was terms that were satisfactory. However, in the hon. member’s remarks she seems to contradict the NDP trade critic by saying that there is no respect for democracy, labour rights and that sort of thing.

The member for Windsor West and the member for Parkdale—High Park have spoken very critically of a deal with Korea.

Is she one of the members of the official opposition who does not agree with its overall position to support the deal and could she outline what parts of the three-pronged NDP tests she has issues with?

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