Child Fitness Tax Credit

Mr. Speaker, yesterday I had the honour to welcome the Prime Minister to the Durham region and to an exciting announcement at the Abilities Centre in Whitby, where he said the child fitness tax credit will be doubled. All families know the rising cost of enrolling their kids in hockey, soccer, or dance. These are real needs for each family. Over 1.4 million families benefit each year from this tax credit, including mine, with my children Mollie and Jack.

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that we are doubling the child fitness tax credit and making it fully refundable, allowing more low-income families to benefit directly.

On top of this, we have the universal child care credit, the child tax credit, and the children’s arts tax credit. In total, each Canadian family is saving approximately $3,400 a year under our government.

I want to thank the Prime Minister for putting families first more than any other leader, and I wish Canadian families a happy Thanksgiving.

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