Incorporation by Reference in Regulations Act

Mr. Speaker, my friend may have taught a course on regulatory interpretation while he was at Osgoode Hall. I look forward to his learned remarks on this subject in the House.

The hon. member did reference the ambulatory incorporation by reference. The ability for a government to incorporate documents by reference, and I talked about provincial or international partners’ documents, is an important part of the legislative modernization process to allow our regulatory regimes to ensure that they have the most up-to-date technology and references, without the need to constantly amend the regulations and refer to newer regulations.

This is increasingly becoming a standard practice with modern jurisdictions such as Canada. In many ways it is important to note, and in my remarks I also talked about, the accessibility and the reasonable ability for such documents incorporated by reference to be accessible. That is provided for in the bill and has been consistent with the practice of government in the past.

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