Resumption of Debate on Address in Reply

Mr. Speaker, it is our final day in the House in 2015, so we will all cut you some slack. You do an exceptional job in the chair and it is appreciated by all sides.

I would like to congratulate the member for Vaughan—Woodbridge for his first speech and his passion to serve the public.

However, what I find most ironic about the government and the Minister of Finance, in particular, and this member, given his experience on Bay Street and Wall Street, is that the deficit is now running out of control. The hope is that it will be somewhere between $10 billion and $20 billion per year.

Would the member not agree with me when I say that a deficit is either one of two things: it is either future tax increases or future cuts? If the government is sincere about getting to a balanced budget by the end of its mandate, it will have to do one of those two things. It will either have to raise taxes dramatically or cut services.

I would ask the member what he favours. Does he favour higher taxes or cuts to services?

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