Resumption of Debate on Address in Reply

Mr. Speaker, I would like to congratulate my friend on her speech. I enjoyed being on political panels with her in the last Parliament, and I enjoyed her speech here today.

I am going to make an unfortunate prediction that in the course of this Parliament, 5 Wing Goose Bay will be part of the leaner Canadian Armed Forces that the government has already intimated. I fear it will close that base. I base that upon the fact that the member made a passionate plea to have 5 Wing involved in the Syrian project and it was not selected. Also, in the last Liberal government, the NATO low level flying was ended at that base.

Our government kept 5 Wing alive and invested in its infrastructure and other needs. However, the throne speech said clearly that the military is going to be a leaner military; we know on this side that means cuts. The Liberals almost closed 5 Wing Goose Bay in its last government, and I truly fear, despite the member’s passion, it is on the chopping block already. Could the member confirm that to the House today?

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