Business of Supply

Mr. Speaker, that is exactly what the National Energy Board does through the prisms he discussed.

The concept of social licence has grown out of Canada’s robust regulatory regime, which in its early days dealt with property rights and environmental concerns. However, in the last generation, the last 25 years, with decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada, like Delgamuukw and others, it has involved consultations. All of those things together become social licence. The concept actually comes from a regulatory process, and it is the right of the government to enhance and build upon it if it wants.

However, my concern is the Prime Minister‘s abdication of leadership in the national interest. He is not a traffic cop between mayors. He has to tell Canadians why energy east is so important.

I would put it in the context of the member for Niagara Centre if over a century ago there was such nimbyism or parochialism around the Welland Canal. It was an important route that travelled through a lot of towns and boroughs to allow commerce in the region and was of national interest at that time. I am sure the member would agree that it is a boon to his riding. This is even bigger. For a province like New Brunswick, which is struggling, it is critical for its future.

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