Canada’s Contribution to the Effort to Combat ISIL

Madam Speaker, I noticed my friend made sure to clarify that his riding is Saint John—Rothesay, not “St. John’s”. I know in Atlantic Canada it is a big thing. I served on HMCS St. John’s, and I am very proud of that time.

I know he was involved with the hockey team there, the Sea Dogs, which had a big Memorial Cup win a few years ago, but I am concerned. This is the second sports analogy I have heard today. I heard the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade use a number of them, saying he was a coach in hockey and soccer. This is not a game. This is an important debate, in which sports analogies do not apply. I have been quoting former leaders to show how Canada has a responsibility.

The member talked about the clear debate and said that Conservatives are confusing the debate. No, we are talking about what the previous government did and what the current government is changing. This debate is being held when it has already withdrawn the CF-18s. How is that a transparent debate? Canada has the ability to play a multi-faceted role—humanitarian assistance, aid, and an active military role—with our allies, just like Kosovo, which the Liberal government promoted and supported without a debate.

We play a role commensurate with our size, abilities, and values. Why has that now changed?

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