Business of Supply

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank my colleague for bringing this important debate to the floor today. We have to explore societal choice, which has been brought forward today, and discuss it. Jurisdiction is a key one.

The former minister of transport, my colleague from Milton, talked about how long and how well-negotiated the tripartite agreements were. Public policy decisions like this were not made with a tweet or with one member of Parliament pulling a minister aside and saying that they need this. This is about rational decision-making, working with the partners in the tripartite agreement. Tri means three; it does not mean one and one or two insiders.

The other thing I have mentioned, and I would like the government to be clear on this, is on the Pickering airport, the land seized by Pierre Trudeau. We provided a plan for a Pickering airport, but now that the Liberals are limiting Billy Bishop airport, the volume study that Transport Canada relied on is no longer effective. Are they essentially saying that they are going to build a Pearson two at Pickering? They have to approach this in a responsible public policy manner.

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