Business of Supply

Mr. Speaker, when I was starting my career, I lived in the Beaches area of Toronto and helped my friend John Tory run for mayor in what I call the version 1.0 campaign, and the bridge to the island airport was a big issue, as well as the subject of Porter. The issue of noise often came up. Living in the Beaches, south of Queen, on the water, I found that issue was always conflated and exaggerated. In fact, after a while, for people in the downtown of the busiest city with a vibrant boardwalk and waterfront, it became background.

I would ask my colleague to comment on how the C Series aircraft, impacted by this insider decision made by the government, is actually quieter and has the ability to operate. Noise is usually the concern people have. It is unusual that it be in a city centre airport because people downtown are not in the country, but how can the C Series impact that noise issue that was the original concern with Porter’s original operation?

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