The Budget

Mr. Speaker, I will explain how this is another area where the Liberal Party is misleading Canadians in how it defines and reaches out to the middle class.

The Prime Minister is a little older than I am. However, both our families were recipients of the baby bonus, as were all members of the House. It was a universal program that recognized the universality and importance of children and family. That is what our universal child care benefit did. It was for everyone.

There were also benefits to families for income splitting, for children’s fitness, and for children’s arts. The Liberals are removing all of these programs that apply to all families and they do not want to tell people the result. In Ontario, if there is a family with a nurse, firefighter or police officer in the GTA, it is likely worse off under this new plan. Certainly, those families took advantage of the tax credits for university, books, arts and fitness.

This is what is happening. There is a lot of talk and window dressing by the Liberal government. However, when we search for the reality, it is not there. That is why the parliamentary budget officer said that this budget was the least open and transparent in 15 years.

The member and his colleagues should tell their constituents why they have kept elements out of the budget. That is very concerning.

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