Battle of Vimy Ridge

Mr. Speaker, tonight the French ambassador hosts the annual Vimy reception to honour the special relationship between France and Canada forged on the battlefield of Vimy Ridge. Next year marks the 100th anniversary of this defining Canadian moment, and I am very proud of the preparations under way in both our countries.

In the Durham region, 26 Schools held their Vimy day walk, where students started in four different locations, marking the four Canadian divisions, and each group walked a sombre 3600 metres, marking the number of fallen at Vimy Ridge.

I would like to congratulate the board, and staff and students from Maxwell Heights, Clarington Central, Bowmanville High, Port Perry High and Courtice Secondary.

Last Saturday, I had the honour of attending the Sam Sharpe gala where Uxbridge Secondary staff and students honoured their World War I MP and alumni, bringing the community together while also raising funds for the students’ trip to Vimy 100.

I salute these organizers, teachers and students who show Canada that 100 years later we hold the torch of remembrance high.

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