‘Jury Lands’ – “Ehrenwort” Trail Opening Celebrated in Bowmanville

On May 11, 2016 an excited crowd gathered on the newly constructed trail along the outer edges of Camp 30/Boys Training School found at 2020 Lambs Road in Bowmanville, Ont. Historic buildings sit and to this day, capture the imagination; these buildings housed both wayward boys in the mid 1920s, and during WWII, high ranking German POW prisoners.

In partnership with the Municipality of Clarington, the Jury Lands Foundation (JLF) and the ownership group, Kaitlin Group and Fandor Homes came together with a licensing agreement allowing public use of a trail through the property to celebrate those interred who lived, worked and were educated there.

“Ehrenwort” means “word of honour” in German; this is especially appropriate, as it symbolizes the respect that users of the trail and visitors to the property can experience the incredible Canadian history represented at this site.

The official trail opening on May 11th brought together many in the community and local volunteers; local Air Cadets, Durham East 4-H members, and Bowmanville Lions Club, among others. The opening gave a public opportunity to thank all those involved.

I was proud to have stood in the House in my last term to acknowledge Jury Lands, and all those involved in making this new National Historic Site such a success. You can view my speech below:

For more information about the site and how you can get involved, go to: http://www.jurylandsfoundation.ca/.


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