Changes to the Standing Orders

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank the government House leader for her speech, but it was certainly dripping with irony.

She said that omnibus legislation would never deal with unrelated themes, yet she had us in the House last week on a justice omnibus bill. I guess she is saying that witchcraft and duelling are related to some of the criminal procedure changes that were in that omnibus legislation.

The government House leader‘s deputy, the member for Winnipeg North, called omnibus legislation in the last Parliament “an assault on the House of Commons”, much like the omnibus bills we have been seeing in this House. The assault in the last few weeks has been with time allocation, omnibus legislation, and now the speech on Standing Orders today.

My question for the the government House leader is quite simple. Given the platitudes in elements of her speech, does she have any personal regret for the time allocation and omnibus legislation we have been debating and voting on in the last few weeks, based on where she wants to see the Standing Orders go?

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