Durham for 150

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, what better way to celebrate our country than to give something back?
I’m calling on our community to commit to 150 good deeds to improve the lives of the People, Places and Things in Durham. All you have to do is share them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) with a photo, while using the #DurhamFor150 hashtag.
Your photos will be displayed on this website over the coming weeks.  Stand-out participants will be recognized at a later date for their contributions to this special Canada 150 initiative.

Share & Spread the Word!

  • This is a grassroots, pay-it-forward, DIY kind of thing. Have fun with it!
  • Be sure to share this initiative with your friends, family, service clubs and teams
  • Brag a little! We want to hear about all the little to big things you are doing to improve the People, Places & Things in Durham
  • Organize an event with others to have an even bigger impact!

Some Ideas:

  • Drop some coins in someone’s expired parking meter
  • Pay for someone’s Timmy coffee in the drive-thru behind you
  • Organize a group to clean up some litter at the park
  • Get your workplace to collect toonies to donate to a local charity
  • Knock on a senior’s door in your neighbourhood and offer to cut their lawn
  • Volunteer at an event or at a local not-for-profit organization
  • Donate gently used items
  • Give blood

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